A high energy duo from the south east of England that create the sound and atmosphere of a full band, with no tricks! Roger uses a drum sampling machine in real time, live - triggering beats at will for the audience all whilst singing and playing guitar. Adding two vocals, acoustic and electric guitar which make up the NRG sound (NO backing tracks used here!).

Their music ranges from Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan to classic rockin' tunes by bands such as Bad Company, The Eagles, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, The Faces. They deliver it all with honesty and feel and bags of 'NRG'. They also include some great modern tracks by Primal Scream, King Of Leon, The Killers, Daft Punk and more..

"With tight close harmonies, the combination of warm thumping acoustic sounds, glassy Mark Knopfler tones and cheeky Joe Walsh licks - this duo sound much larger than you might expect!"