Oi Oi!

We understand. You’ve worked hard all week, you’ve paid your dues and all you want on a Friday or Saturday night is to cut loose, forget the mundane, have a few drinks and hear some great songs. 

You don’t wanna hear some band you’ve never heard of playing their new songs. You don’t wanna gaze at your shoes, listening to the latest acoustic sensation. You want the classics. You wanna hear an exciting band breathe life into those songs you always sing along to on the radio. 

Jump The Gun are the band you’ve been waiting for. We’ll pick you up, dust you off and catapult you up, up, up on an interstellar euphoric journey celebrating the very best of Britpop, with a few nods to Punk and Mod classics on the way. So fill your boots, head back to your roots and sing yourself sane with a night of non-stop hits!