The Frisco's are an established Blues band with a Mediterranean twist! Based in Twickenham, West London but with some of them hailing from sunnier European climes, they are an experienced and well oiled group of musicians influenced by artists such as Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, J Winter, Gary Moore, The Doors Joe Bonamassa , ZZ Top, Albert King, Pino Daniele and many more. The band members: Sal, internationally acclaimed front-man, guitarist and vocalist, a true eclectic, colorful and complete performer, competent in many styles and with an impressive pedigree of musical achievements. Often engaged in captivating guitar solos and complex harmonies, Sal's powerful vocals, exciting performances and extensive repertoire will surely leave his audience entertained and asking for more! Sal's signature is a blend of Mediterranean sounds, classic rock and British Blues! Pedro the lead guitarist everyone wants in his band! Is a true Blues man, acclaimed in the UK and abroad with his distinctive Peter Green sound. His silky guitar licks, good look, stage personality and captivating performances are just few of his trade marks. Some says Pedro was born few decades too late as he would no doubt have made an serious impact in the 60's and 70's Rock-Blues scene. Originally from the South West Pedro moved to London to pursue his music career and thanks to his true talent and personality has been sharing stage with many other influential blues musicians. Glenn, drummer and percussionist Massimo Bass